Hizzonor, da' Mayor 

 Gary Mayors:

 Thomas E. Knotts - Town Board President, 1906-1910

 Thomas E. Knotts, 1910-1914 (Rep)

"The city of Gary was conceived in the counting rooms and born in a jungle.  It was nursed on faith and schooled in the fiery furnace of toil.  It is peopled by men and women of every living tongue and creed....  As steel goes, so goes the world, and Gary is its prophet."

- Mayor Thomas Knotts, 1910

  R. O. Johnson, 1914-1918 (Rep)

 William F. Hodges, 1918-1922 (Rep)

 R. O. Johnson, 1922-1925 (Rep)

 Willliam Fulton, 1925-1926 (Rep)

 Floyd E. Williams, 1926-1930 (Rep)

 R. O. Johnson, 1930-1935 (Rep)

 Lee B. Clayton, 1935-1939 (Dem)

 Dr. E. L. Schiable, 1939-1943 (Rep)

 Joseph E. Finerty, 1943-1948 (Dem)

 Eugene Swartz, 1948-1952 (Dem)

 Peter Mandich, 1952-1958 (Dem)

 George C. Chacharis, 1958-1962 (Dem)

 A. Martin Katz, 1962-1968 (Dem)

 Richard G. Hatcher, 1968-1987 (Dem)

 Thomas V. Barnes, 1988-1995 (Dem)

 Scott King, 1995-2006 (Dem) (Ind)

 Rudy Clay, 2006-2012 (Dem) 

 Karen Freeman-Wilson 2012 -  (Dem)

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